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My Plan:
- Finish release 0.3 of Spineless, needs:
* A bunch of fixes and cleanup
* Model loader for Collada and/or OBJ
* Crapload of documentation and testing
- Start working on my game project "full time" (as in for the full time I have for hobby coding) and let it drive development of the engine, adding features as I need them (and taking requests from anyone else possibly using Spineless)
- Tease people by releasing annoyingly small tidbits about the game project until I have something concrete (figuratively) in my hands

Yes, this I will do.

EDIT: I need a cool/lame TODO list at the top of my journal page because everyone else has one too!

EDIT 2: Also, I think I'll start adding features by first writing small prototypes / demos, then design a nice interface for it and write a finished version. Should keep the engine a bit cleaner from now on...
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I've thought about adding the todo list as well. Something about it seems wrong to me.

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I think someone needs to write an HTML/CSS ToDo Generator. I'd like one, but my web skillz aren't exactly teh madz0rz. [sad]

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