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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

DragonForge Technology

I love it when I return to being a complete retard. I'm cleaning up the code for the console and I decide "Hm, I should probably look into why the orthogonal code didn't work". Bad idea =/ because now I feel like a complete ass.

First off I'm using an 800x210 that gets gigantisized to a 1024x256 texture which is then stretched over an 800x210 surface.

Second - I ran into this problem, switched to pre-transformed vertices and since it fixed it I let it go.

Third - This is the like fourth time in the last week that I've managed to write code that shouldn't work, but I somehow manage to get it to (either perfectly or damn near.)

So, I guess I get to rewrite this while I'm at work tomorrow. Yay!!! It'll let me fix a few hacks I guess (one being that everything is hard coded - positions, sizes, etc.) Plus, I can separate it into different components, making it easier to manage.


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