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Empyrean Gate has been in a state of Stagnance of late. Not due to any lack of interest from my part, but more due to a lack of time. That should all change after Monday (in the few weeks leadup to exams) as the majority of assignments will have been completed at that stage.

I had 10 hours of sleep over Tuesday Night... because there had been too many 3 hours sleep nights in a row. Then i quickly followed that up with Last Night going to bed at 4am, for another 3 hours of sleep...

I can't wait until my uni stuff actually is related to programming, at least then I can DO the assignments in my sleep. [grin]

I will try to get onto Empyrean Gate sometime over the weekend if I can finish off those assignments quicksmart!
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I can't wait until my uni stuff actually is related to programming, at least then I can DO the assignments in my sleep. [grin]
I was hoping for this a few years back, but I was sorely disappointed [sad]

Y'see, what they do here is create a coursework specification that is pointless, retarded or both. Because its assessed you can't really argue with it - you have to jump through the hoops or you dont get your cookie.

I've tried explaining to them that there are better/other ways of doing things, or that their specification doesn't make sense - but no, they wont take a students opinion (we're the crap they try and scrape off their shoes it seems)...

Hope you do better than I did [smile]


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My last final exam is on Monday morning and then I have to arrange my departure from the campus apartments (finally), so I can theoretically resume EG work that night. Looks like dwarfie and I might be ready to rock again around the same time. Until then... I dunno. This discrete math final on Saturday is going to be a bitch.

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Well, I have done programming at uni before, so I know the retarded methods they use. I used to write functions in three different ways in tutorials.

The first was THEIR way. God this sucked.
The second was the NICE CLEAN way. This is what they SHOULD have been teaching.
The third was MY WAY/THE OPTIMIZED way. This was the fun nasty code that proved that I knew what I was doing.

This usually got me more marks because then they had code for a comparative view of their methods.

I remember the first day they wanted us to program in C and write a stringlength function. Five minutes later (and after some quick obfuscation talk in TA) when they asked me to show people how to do it I wrote the following on the whiteboard:


Then I also wrote a cleaner method, because there was the sound of a few brains exploding around the classroom. Then of course the tutor had to go into what a Ternary Operator was and how it was to be used [wink]

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