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The last interview I was waiting on turned me down as well. I've a few callbacks that're in the process of becoming interviews and a few emails to companies waiting for replies. I hate this tedium and continual failure without any good ways to improve my prospects.

Still, there are poor ways. I cleaned up a little of my code used in the Amp below, and packaged it into a little zip that I can send to employers. I don't imagine it will be impressive, but I'm going for super entry level dev things anyways. Without any resume worthy experience I just want something to show that I can at least create and build a semi-trivial app.

I also got tired of using ctrl-printscrn, paste in paint, crop in paint, open with gimp, save as png... for making screenshots, so I implemented ingame screenshots. F12 now will generate and dump a screenie as Screenshots/Screenshot###.png using the Canvas class I made for caching map rendering [~5 posts down].
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Thats sucks dude, I hope you have better luck in the future.
Good luck!

Edit: Btw, have you tried ScreenCap? You can use printscreen, ctrl+printscreen (for active window), and shift+printscreen(for active window's client.) It has a ton of other features too (including FTP, filename formatting, etc.) You can find it nyah.

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