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Tools are awesome

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

DragonForge Technology

Well, I have my code somewhat sorted out into how I want to code it, but I'm making sure I have everything right before I dive in. But, thats not what I've been working on, this is:

Subversion User Interface

I got tired of having to open cmd.exe everytime I wanted to do something, and then if I have a typo its a pain, etc. So I made this tool. I can add/remove different commands and then commit it all at once. As you can see I have a second form that pops up and displays the console readout (although, its a little gargled for some reason, methinks svn forgot to call flush or something.)

You can't tell from the screeny, but I automatically format filenames so that ' ' becomes '%20' (thats the only one I know =/.)

There are 2 features I'm thinking of adding - checking to see if the file exists when I click "Add File" and parsing filenames and automatically calling "svn add FOLDERNAMEHERE" since I figure if I put the folder name in their, I want it added (and I'm pretty sure svn will just say something like "FOLDERNAMEHERE already exists"), plus I can always delete it by selecting and pressing del. I'll add other svn commands (revert and such) some other time, since it'll work for me for now.



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then if I have a typo its a pain

Just wondering, have you ever heard of tab completion? It usually stops me from misspelling filenames.

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Actually, I knew about it but I hadn't thought about using it.

So, evidentally Raymond's not the only person who thinks its worthless?

Oh well, I got some C# practice, learned how to intercept the standard output/error and send input to the standard input, and I have something to pack into my profile.

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Whether it is "worthless" and whether it will be "used" are two different things. As you said, you gained experience and knowledge of C# out of it. I certainly wouldn't call this project "worthless." Consider it a stepping stone for perhaps may become a more advanced SVN GUI system.

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Just an FYI if you haven't caught on yet. Raymond can be pretty critical of a lot of things at times. Brush it off and keep on trucking.

If it helps you in any way (ie: learning something new, or assisting you at doing something) then you should never consider it worthless. Just getting to program something new and actually completing it helps you more than you think.

Keep it up.

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