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Glow Windows super-alpha

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Those of you not blessed with a Macintosh can now try out the super alpha version. Give me an IM before you get started with it so I can take you by the hand to see some of the features.

Clicky With Your Mouse!!!

There are some faults that have been discovered with this version that are addressed in my current development branch. I'd like to see some reports from people running shader-less and slow computers (try enabling the "Slow PC" mode in the options menu if you have an abysmally slow PC).
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Awesome! Finally a Glow (pre?-)release to play! :D


  • It plays much nicer than it looks. To which I mean no offense; I really like the feel of it. But we both know the graphical end still needs its respective spice added. [smile]
  • Inventory was cool. The little descriptions add a lot more atmosphere than one might think. I was a little saddened to not see the Hardpistol. :P
  • Can't wait for lighting; it'll add a lot to determing which surfaces are walls. With the rather uniform textures on all sides of a wall it's often hard to tell where a wall begins or ends.
  • The 'roofed' sectors are NIFTY! But something like alpha blending then when a player is underneath them would really help in (future) combat situations.
  • Bonesaw rocks! [grin] But, ah, the name is a little misleading. (I was expecting something DooM-esquè)
  • Sometimes when firing the SMG my muzzle flashes would sort of 'go flying' instead of staying where I fired them. Also, after a while of wandering across the level and using both guns a bit I noticed that muzzle flashes stopped appearing, too.
  • Do you plan on having 'fringing' sectors that transition, like water->grass, dirt->grass, etc? I think that'll add a lot to the visual factor.
  • Can't wait for sound effects. And music.
  • The main menu is great. Not cluttered, but not really empty either. And of course the cool menu-item-selection thing is groovy.

Wonderful work, Ravuya. Keep up the progress!

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