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Ok, I'm not sure if doing a todo list generator is useful after all... it's really not that difficult to just copy/paste lines and change color of the line when its status changes.

I started converting the geometry package to the system I mentioned in the edit to yesterday's entry, and so far it's looking good. The geometry package won't depend no half the engine anymore, because there will be no geometry package anymore. ;) The major thing I'm worrying about now is ODE integration... it's still going to be hairy.

I'm also going to write a Pong clone before I continue working on my Secret Game Project, I need at least something completed using Spineless. :) Random tidbit about SGP (no, that's not its real project name): it's about big weapons.

I think I'll talk about implementation of my renderer in the next entry.

EDIT: I put the full Spineless todo list on the wiki
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