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The projects

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Yesterday I told you that I would tell you which projects are in my mind, so here we go. There are 2 major projects I am working on :

a) My engine called "Alternative Realities" which has gone through several iterations since '99.

There's currently a game in beta so I have to tag the engine in my source control system.

In the next months I want to add programmable vertex and pixel shader. I think that I will entirely drop the fixed pipe since it will be dropped in future iterations of DirectX (which I'm concentrating on... OpenGL 2.0 has just been specified so it's still some time to go until valuable OpenGl drivers will be available).

Another feature that will be improved is my world management system which currently implements in a very easy way most of the commonly used management systems (Quad-, Octree, PVS, Portals, AABB). I think I will write an article on my system since it basically is nothing else than a dynamic AABB system.

In the same time I will improve my material system. It's quite flexible (it's similar to the effect files of DirectX but implemented as XML tags). I need an application that allows me to easily create those file through a GUI. In the same time that utility would be used to previsualize the vertex- and pixelshaders.

The final render pipe in my engine needs an improvement, too. It simply stuffs visible objects into a queue without sorting them in any way.

b) Tank Warfare 2130

This is my second major project I'm working on. I'm writing on the game design since several month and I've got a quite clear idea where I would like to go with this game. I think I will do it entirely for free but I've got to sort some things out before.

If I would have to describe the game, I would say that it has some similarities to "Tanarus", a game I have played some years ago. It's online only and was the precedessor of "Planetside". There were plans to do a "Tanarus 2" but if I compare the early "Tanarus 2" shots with "Planetside" then it's evident that "Planetside" is a strongly evolved version of "Tanarus 2".

My game would be arena based (up to 128 players) playing different game types such as CTF, Domination or Tankball.

The player would have some kind of military rank which is based on the experience points the player has acquired during the gameplay. Every new rank gives access to new weapons and/or a new arena. In this way I would like to improve the game experience for the players since they would be with players with similar ranks.

I'll tell more about this projects in another diary entry.

Well... those are my 2 major projects. Tank Warfare is much too ambitious to be done by only 1 or 2 developers. So I think that this will be a project I'll keep working on during my entire life span ;)

There are some other projects I would like to do :

a) A "Advance War" network only version for PC.
b) A turn based game engine (for 2 others of my
c) A "Battle Isle" kind of game.
d) A game called "Prohibition" where you lead a group of police men fighting against crime in the period of prohibition in the USA.

and some remakes of classic games. Nothing concrete on those...

I hope I interested you enough to bring you back here... There are some exciting things to come.

As with every diary entry : If you have any comment to do, don't hesitate : Write !
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