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Super Stompy

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In case you missed it.

It has come to my attention that if you beat the game, you can start it over with all the weapons. This was not intentional.

However, I was thinking I might keep this. I might use it as a "Super Stompy" mode, where you can start the game with all the weapons. Plus, there would be some stupidly powerful weapon exclusive to this mode. However, in that mode, your score wouldn't be added to the high score list.

If I'm going down that path, I should have the game save once you beat it the first time, allowing you to access this "Super Stompy" mode whenever you want. If that's the case, you have a choice of playing regular mode which let's you record your score, or Super mode which doesn't.

Does that sound like a good idea?
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I think it definitely sounds like a good idea. Permanently enabling a 'cheat' mode of sorts is a good idea; when players don't want to have to try as hard, they can still enjoy your game. :)

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Oooh Oooh crazy idea...

I believe in the final level you'll be meeting your evil doppleganger yes? How about when you defeat him as a parting blow he fires some weird ray at you that blasts you in to a parallel dimension.

First Run (Normal Difficulty) -> End Of Game blasted in to Evil Word
Evil World (Hard Difficulty) -> End of Game blasted in to Nightmare World
Nightmare Wolrd (Ultra Hard Difficulty) -> End of Game = End of Game...

You could Change the backdrops slightly to make each world succesively more evil looking and you could increase the number of badies, hitpoints, damage etc that they do. On Nightmare world Stompy could continuously lose health through the level to make it harder!

I'd have scores for each difficulty...

One change I'd really like to see is making the second boss more predictable so a skilled player can spot when he's about to change modes, maybe a split second pause before switching?

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I like the idea of seperate final levels, maybe more based on a how well you do in the game more than difficulty levels. To be honest, I don't know how I would do seperate difficulty levels at this point(or maybe I'm just being lazy).

The boss is actually not going to be "Evil Stompy". I finally came up with an actual plot for Stompy, so therefore I've also come up with his archvillan. I'll talk about it in the next entry.

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