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Minor Anecdote

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A while ago I was in a game store, idly browsing the shelves. A family of four comes past. They're about as generic as generic can get, with the parents in their mid-late 30s, a teenaged boy of about 17, and a young girl maybe 7 years old or so. You could pretty much slap a sign on them reading "Family Demographic".

The son mulls over the shelves, with the parents discussing something abstract. The little girl scans over the shelves, and picks up the only pink box on the shelf, looking at the cover. It's a Barbie game of some sort, from what I can tell.

She turns to her mother, reaches up and goes "Mommy, can I have this one?" Her mother takes the box, skims over the back, then hands it back to her and says "That's just a dress-up game, sweetie."

The little girl gives a sigh of "Oh..", and places the box back on the shelves. The son ends up buying some random RTS, and the family leaves the store together.

I stare into space for a moment, then leave the store without making any purchases.
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What? What the hell. CAREFUL EVERYONE, ITS A TRAP!! I want my 5 seconds you stole back. Was left totally hanging. Totally. [smile]

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@Daerax - loofles.

I think its much more disturbing when the 7 year old girl begs their parents to get GTA:San Andreas. And even more so when the parents (despite initial protests) eventually break down and buy it just to get the kid to shut the hell up.

I've seen it happen before, and it makes me lose faith in society. Seriously.

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