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BooGame on SourceForge

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Rob Loach


BooGame is now publically available through SourceForge. You can download it or check out the SVN.

What I need are testers and input. What does BooGame need? How is it lacking? Is anything not there that would really help you out? What other examples should be provided with the library? Would a SimpleExample be benefitial? Should I provide a tutorial series? Any suggestions as to what I should do with a website for BooGame?

Thanks goes to Scet for telling me that negative numbers in Tile Studio mean its an animated tile. Now BooGame has (almost) full Tile Studio support. Download it!

Random Interest

Do I Really Look Like That?

By Exploding Dog
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I would, but last time I tried my antivirus was like "OMG TOO MANY DLLS IN ONE FOLDER VIRUS DETECTED DELEET DELEET DELEET". I really need to upgrade from HAL9000 - it just doesn't cut it anymore. [headshake]

(I'll try it in the morning when I'm sober)

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I see you're having the "blinking animation" problem with the water, I had the same problem. Unfortunatly I forget what causes it. In both my C# and C++ versions it should be fixed though, might want to go look through that again.

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Ahhh, it's because Tile Studio starts counting index from 1. Most normal systems start indexes from 0. Just using TileNumber - 1 fixed it.

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I only had time to skim over the example sources, but from the looks of it its really easy to use and really powerful. I had almost 500 objects on the screen and was still up near 300FPS (down from 800 some) which is really good IMO. When I have some more time I'll have to check it out in more depth.

Keep up the good work!

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