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I started writing the OBJ model loader today. Conclusion: Blender's OBJ exporter is crap. It kept spewing errors at me... and now I'm not sure if my model looks funny because of exporter errors or bugs in my code. I need some test data from other modeling packages. Anyway, it looks "mostly right", but not right enough to screenshotify. I'll come back to that later. Also, some (not very large) jpg images seem to take an awfully long time to load. I wonder if it's a bug in Pygame. Or maybe something funny in my image loading code. Needs more research.

In other news, I found out that ODE doesn't support scaling of collision geometry. So no scaling matrices for you, ODE. That means scaling is now only useful for graphical special effects. Oh well. Hmm, Newton does support scaling of collision geometry and seems to be better overall than ODE... so looks like I'll be supporting both. I suppose no one has any clever ideas for hacking scaling of collision geometry in?

I've also fixed a crapload of other things, and done a lot of cleanup. It's actually looking like Spineless will soon be useful again, and much more elegant. Here we come, milestone 0.3. Hoorays!
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Ugh, model loaders. I miss back when I was working in D3D and all it took was a nice little D3DXLoadMeshFromX call to do all the nasty work :S



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