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I haven't had much time to work on DOOM.Net unfortunatly. Today I fixed up a lot of texture glitches and am in the process of removing the segment code and going back to lines(it looks better and is easier to manage).

I fixed some lighting problems. For some reason I only had sector light levels affecting floors and ceilings. Now they affect things and walls as well. The game looks a lot darker, like it should.

I also finished off the item pick up code. Now you(well me for now) can pick up anything. I tried adding in the weapon animations, but it seems someone decided to make all the frames off-center which makes animating them a pain. You'll just have to settle for static weapon images for now.

Hey we have a preview button for journals FINALLY.

Edit: I should probably have it display rockets when using the rocket launcher instead of bullets...
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I was waiting to see another update! [smile]

As usual, things are looking really good. When do you foresee a playable demo reaching our grubby paws? :P

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Original post by HopeDagger
When do you foresee a playable demo reaching our grubby paws? :P

Oh it probably won't be for a while. There are plenty of things that need fixing. I only take screenshots of areas that look right, I could show you plenty of foobared things. Plus right now I'm lucky if I get an hour and a half on my computer each weekday, things will probably pick up again after I'm back in school in September.

So yeah I have no real idea when you'll see a demo. What I'm going to try to do is make the game compatible at least with the shareware version and then you guys can test that out.

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