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OMG screenshot

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[deleted image]

Yes, it's a crappy model, well, at least the materials are, but OBJ loading is (more or less) working now! I have two conclusions though:
- Model importers of free / cheap (Milkshape 3D) modeling packages suck big time
- Model exporters of free / cheap (Milkshape 3D) modeling packages suck big time

It took far too long to find a model that would:
1) Be correctly imported by Blender, Wings 3D or Milkshape 3D
2) Didn't generate errors in Blender's OBJ exporter (it seems Milkshape 3D's OBJ exporter is decent though)

Can anyone recommend a good 3D model format conversion tool that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

EDIT: This will eventually be terrain for the Secret Project:
[deleted image]

EDIT 2: I was kinda wondering why rendering the simple height map (100x100 map = 20000 triangles) was only running at 85fps. Python isn't blazing fast and Spineless isn't very fast either, but it shouldn't be that slow. Guess what my monitor's refresh rate is? It's now running at a healthy 800fps with vsync disabled.
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