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A plot?

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Yay, now I can finally get back to level design. I've got the next two stages pretty well planned out(by that I mean 5 and 6), so it will be pretty cool.

Ok, I wanted to spend at least one entry explaining the plot of Stompy. Mainly because I don't have anything else to write currently...but also because I thought it would be pretty interesting.

Before, I stated that the boss of this game would be Stompy's evil twin. This was mainly because I hadn't taken the time to actually think up a backstory for the game. Ofcourse, I don't want too much(if any) storytelling in the game, but I've now taken the time to come up with one.

I think it's actually a pretty good plot for a game. It's about as in depth as a mario or sonic game, meaning not very much at all. The most important thing was coming up with Stompy's nemesis or arch-enemy.

Basically, here is the backstory to Stompy:

Stompy was once the sidekick to the greatest superhero of all time: Commander Awesome. Basically Commander Awesome was Batman, and Stompy was Robin. Stompy was never a full fledged hero because his only super power was his freakishly huge head, which didn't do very much at all.

After years of fighting crime, Commander Awesome came to the conclusion that if he became a super villan, no one could stop him. That's exactly what he does, he gathers an army of henchmen and killer robots and tries to take over the world. And Stompy is the only one who can stop him.

See, very simple.

I came to the conclusion that I should come up with a backstory because I will make more Stompy games in the future. Just as mario and mega man games pretty much always have the same plot, so will Stompy games.

So, Commander Awesome will be the main bad guy of the Stompy games. He will appear as the stereotypical Superhero. What is most important about this character is that it will make for an excellent final boss fight.
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Genius. Pure freakin genius, I say.

You absolutely have to put together some funny little cutscenes to explain the backstory. Get some of your friends and a cheap mic and do some really melodramatic voiceovers, too.

"You'll never get away with it, Captain Awesome! I shall put an end to your nefarious scheme!"

"That's COMMANDER Awesome, blimp-head. Bring it on. AHHAAHAHAHAA!"

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Commander Awesome is perhaps the greatest video game character name I've ever heard.

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Yeah, I love the idea of some guy whos name is Commander Awesome. It's just so ridiculous that it works. If you are to picture his personality, he is a combination of Superman and Captain America.

Since he is a superhero (or villian), he needs to have some catchphrases. Here are some of Commander Awesome's catchphrases:

His general pro-america catchphrase:
"Sharing is for Communists"

His line just before he fights Stompy:
"You're a n00b, and you'll die like one"

General gloating:
"There are two types of people in this world: me and not-me"

His justification for losing to Stompy:
"No! How could I lose to such a n00b! I know, you're using Game Genie aren't you?! That's the only way!"

I have to find a way to fit these lines into the game[lol]

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"I'm Awesome with a Capital A"

I have a nice idea that would also solve the problem of lurking off the side of the screen to kill the bosses (without them shooting back or hitting you)

At the end of each level have Captain Awesome standing there and when you run up to him your movement freezes, he throws out a one liner, walks off the screen (to the right) and then the boss appears in his place to fight you.

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That's a pretty good idea, and it would help to solve some of the glitches with the boss. It would be pretty hard to do, though.

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