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An intresting week or so...

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So, having delcared my freedom from college last week I did what any self respecting student would do;

Firstly, I played a game complusively for a whole weekend, starting thursday night and completing it Monday morning. The game in question was Shadowgrounds, and while it was maybe a bit on the short side it was the most fun I've had in a game for AGES!. Its a top down shooter (think Chaos Engine or Alien Breed), but in 3D with some really cool lighting effects and graphics. The weapons are fun as well and it has the best electric weapon effect I've seen in any game (screenshot), a static screen shot doesn't do it justice, the electric dances over near by objects and acts really close to how you'd expect it... oh, and their mini-gun feels like a mini-gun, complete with real stopping power... the Pistol is also a pistol of DOOM! I did alot of the game just with that [grin]

They also have an intresting upgrade system, you collect these 'upgrade components' and when you've got enuff you can spend them to upgrade your weapon in certain ways, for example for 50 of them (they drop pretty often) you can turn your mini-gun into a turret which can help at times [grin]

If you've got Steam I'm pretty sure there is a demo on there, if not grab one from somewhere and I think you'll really like it.

Having gamed myself out I went out on the monday night and drank alot, because... well.. student! I don't need an excuse, heh

At this point I had a nagging feeling I should be doing something... and I should, my 3 remaining assignments... however, having found out this year is only worth 24% my will to work had vanished, so I carried on playing games until Thursday, when I finally started work [grin]

Friday morning at 1am I really started work and by 5:30am I'd written 2,500 words and finished one assignment! Rock on [grin]

On Friday I started on my programming assignment at around 4pm and did some work before going out again at 8pm to.. yep, drink alot [grin]

It was an intresting night, I got nicely drunk and ended up running around a carpark, in the rain, with my mate Rob's gf Jenna while he sat in the car (I was walking home and she didn't want to get in, she wanted to run around instead, heh). That ended when I got the impression he wanted to go home so I fixed a coin toss so she got into the card. I then wandered home on my own, a walk which takes about 40mins, in the pouring rain while listening to VNV Nation - Chrome over and over and over and over.. well, it was on repeat... and I'll tell you what, it was one of those rare moments when the rain, the music and the world ingeneral came together to give me such a feeling of peace it was unreal.

The peacefull feeling persisted all thru saturday where I continued to work on my java assignment, finally giving up on that at 3am to get some sleep. I picked it up again today at 2pm and finally finished it around 10:30pm, with some sleep and a bath thrown in for good measure.

This left one assignement and just over 12h until it had to be handed in (deadline for everything midday monday 22nd May), a quick look at the assignment confirms what I'd hoped; 2000 word limit and I'd picked a subject I can waffle on. The work is a research proposal, I'd picked mine to be something on multithread programming (I'll post it once its handed in, so you can all have a laught at it), which I had considered as my final year project but instead I might do it on a scripting language, in which case it'll be code named "YALS" or Yet Another Scripting Language [grin]

So, yeah, 2h later I'd written 1,600 words and was happy I appeared to be averaging 800words an hour [grin] At around 1:30am I'd finally cleared 2,000 words and was happy enuff with what I produced.

This left me a bit of time to tinker with my first assignment before calling it a day.

I've infact practically finished 3 assignments, in 4 days with over 10h left to spare... this is practically unheard of! Every assignment I've done this year has been a 'fix up a few mins before handing in' job [wow]. OK, so I've still gotta do a GANT chart and print stuff off, but even with the few hours sleep I plan to get tonight before handing it in I'm made in the shade!

This just leaves the presentation on the same subject todo.. so I've gotta come up with some powerpoint magic there and some waffle on the subject which will last around 15mins explaining the subject matter and what I plan todo. Frankly, this shouldn't be a problem, even if my 'what I plan todo' is weak my 'background' should be able to kill a fair amount of time [grin]

So, I'm nearly out of stuff todo for college, I'm current waiting to see that I've been turned down for the summer of code stuff, so I need to come up with some stuff todo over the holiday as I don't want to waste another 3months of the year and not produce anything.

I've a few ideas knocking around in my head, nowt concrete however and I know me, I'll think about something and end up doing something else, heh.

So,yeah, I'm in a good mood right now, most of my work is done, I'll be able to sleep tonight and earlier I found out someone is looking at something I write elsewhere which both amused me and gave me a huge ego boost *chuckles*.

I think I'm going todo the only sane thing I can do.... go play a game [grin]
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Shadowgrounds is indeed a really nice game. I was telling people about it a few weeks ago, but everyone ignored me.

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Original post by Ravuya
Shadowgrounds is indeed a really nice game. I was telling people about it a few weeks ago, but everyone ignored me.

I must have missed that [sad], I saw it on Steam and thought 'why not, looks amusing', turns out it was [smile]

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