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Mmmm... Deutschswaggen.

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Woo... now that is the way to crash after a crunch week! I slept pretty much all day today, so really all I have to do now is throw some stuff in a suitcase and burn some time until my flight leaves.

Apparently, Germany is cold, which I do not particularly like (being a tropically-blooded kind of guy). So I have to pack lots of warm clothes, which means lots of volume. I sure hope there's good laundry service at my hotel, because I'm definitely not going to be able to fit 2 weeks worth of warm clothes into my dinky little suitcase.

I more or less skived off work today, what with the sleeping and all - and hell, it's a weekend anyways. Once I get done packing I think I'll make a night of it and play some games.

Next stop, Germany... unless of course there's good free wifi in Charleston (layovers FTW!) in which case I'll make a quick update from there, just to annoy Daerax [grin]

On second thought, if GDNet continues to be this flaky, screw it. This is getting really damn annoying.
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