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Back in the saddle

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Mike Bossy


After a week or so of real life distractions I was back at it today with some level design. The goal is to have 13 stages of 4 levels for a total of 52 levels. Fits with the whole card game theme and gives plenty of game play. Each level has an easy and difficult setting which adjusts the total score needed to clear the level, amount of time to complete the level, and number of bonus cards found in the level. Also the levels only have the structure defined. Any given time you play a level it will be different with different cards in different place. This means pretty much unlimited replay value if you like the style of the game.

At a time when people are concerned about the amount of content going into AAA games to provide enough playtime for the buck I can't help but think back to Tetris. Here we have a simple game that captivates almost everyone who plays it and can for hours at a time, because it has unlimited "content" in new blocks that keep falling. What's even better is that it's "procedurally generated" content to use the latest buzz word of the month. This is the approach that I am trying to go with my casual games. Find a way to create unlimited content through a basic RNG.

Mushu had a request for some screenies and I know that screen shots are the currency of journal land but in deference to my artists wishes I am going to hold off on new screens until they are happily satisfied with their work. So far I've just gotten some sneak previews of what they are calling their "first cut". I know enough not to piss off the artistically inclined :)

To appease the screenie gods I will post an ugly snap of my level editor and my coffee themed level that is my personal favorite. Caffeine is good.


Notice the total lack of anything unnecessary in the level editor. All there is is the default level backdrop and the cards. No unsightly buttons to press to do actions. No instructions.

Of course it is totally un-usable for anyone but me but seeing as I got the level editor up and running lickity split and it's already saved me the amount of time I spent on it I'm happy. There are some perks to working alone.
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I thought it was a beer mug originally. I think I need to go to the pub.

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