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Wow, I actually went 2 days without posting an entry every 3 or so hours. Well, every year or so I go out and make an appearance (to show everybody that I'm still alive and its not a robot thats blogging this.) So, I decided to go hang out with my brother and sister at their apartment. We went and watch the Da Vincci(sp?) Code which was pretty good IMO. After the movie we went back to their house for some drinks (I had some Welch's Orange Pineapple with a tad bit of Bacardi Orange; tasted like tangerine juice.)

Then today we hung out playing games with his buddy (mostly Halo 2 and the new Tomb Raider game.) I'm still really good at Halo 2 (especially since they have a good connection (i.e. they download at ~256kb/sec whereas I'm lucky if I get 26kb/sec =/)) and had one really excellent sniper game at around 30 kills. Me and his buddy only lost by 10 points. Afterwards they went and 'did their thing' (I didn't join in because I don't smoke weed). Meanwhile I was playing the new Tomb Raider game (for the xbox, not the 360; can't think of the name) and I have to say it is really well done. I pretty much hated the first few and I really liked this one. Makes me want to buy another xbox... HA! Not that I don't like the xbox or anything, but I don't play consoles enough to merit spending $150+ dollars to buy another one especially since I gave all of my games to my brother.

Anyway, I also talked to my brother and we've decided to officially switch projects (yea, I know. You've heard this before =/.) I'm not going to be giving out any info until I actually have some work done on it because I'm sick of having a post one day that says "Oh, I'm doing this project" and then the next day "Oh, now I'm doing this. So, I have nothing done." Yes I've learned a lot of stuff that way, but I'm not getting shit done.

I won't even say for you to expect anything soon, I might have something show at the end of the month, I might not. I plan on picking up my fair share of the responsibility for Project2 so that there is a point to me putting it in my portfolio. At the moment, if I showed it at an interview and they asked what I did in it I would be able to say:

me: I made the sheet editor and came up with the idea for this. *points to picture of quad-rail*
interviewer: Well, you did really good on the picture and the sheet editor is decent but...
me: Oh, I didn't make the model, I just came up with the idea. Well, actually I came up with another idea which was improved by my team lead and formed into this. He's also the one who modelled it.
interviewer: Ahhh... Can I get his name and phone number?
me: *cries*

I've added scripts and stuff too, but the only really good scripts I've added (IMO anyway) was Larry's. The rest of its either my crap, my crap that Raymond's turned into gold, or Raymond's stuff.

Just under 10 days until the kickoff for Project2. I'm both excited and worried since there is still some stuff to be done. Anyway, tomorrow I get to learn how to use the map editor, which will be fun.

Btw, until I release information on my current project, I'll probably just be doing some discussions on some different techniques on different topics (starting with 2D tile systems since I don't have the time to write the articles at the moment.) It won't be a development journal, but it won't be pointless either (so nobody should be able to complain.) Anyway, you can expect that tomorrow, for tonight I am cleaning my room (If I don't post tomorrow, can somebody please give my parents a call and have them send in a search party or something? Thanks!)

Edit: Also, all of the old pictures in my journal might go down for a couple days. I'm going to be reorganizing my web-domain's space, which is where they are stored.
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Agh, your journal has gone super-wide for me! So hard...to read! What happen? [sad]

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ROFL, sorry, I didn't think about that. My line of text inside the code tags was really long, but it still fits on my screen so I didn't notice. I fixed it =D.

Btw, SO is looking awesome! Keep up the good work.

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