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Danger Will Robinson... Danger...

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*flails arms around like the robot from Lost in Space*

damn and curses to the world!
I had the perfect plan, it looked like NWN2 would be released in June, so I would finish all my college work and then get a copy for my b'day, also in June, and play that over the summer, finishing or at least getting to the point where I wouldn't be playing it all the time by september...

The plan is now doomed, because the release has been set as September... the same month the final year of my degree is due to start... this puts my degree in danger...

Its like there is ALWAYS something when it comes to me and a degree... well, I'll be getting it, I'll just have to find a way to stop myself playing it all the time (give the CDs to my parents or something)... but still, suckage [sad]

Looks like it could be a summer of coding stuff ahead of me instead, not that that is something to complain about as such, heh
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The solution is to spend the summer inventing a time machine, buy NWN2 when it comes out (and other cool future games) and travel back to now and give it to yourself.

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I've always figured I never build a time machine because I never send myself back any assignment work or answers or even warnings about things which are going to go wrong in my life... its that or I'm gonna be bitter and twisted at my past self...

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