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Sodding MySpace

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Evil Steve


Why do bands always add me on MySpace? They obviously just want to get more users as "friends" so they look popular. They don't even read your profile, they appear to just add everyone on the face of the planet.
From my MySpazz Profile:
Bands, if you add me, I'll just go on about how shit you are. So don't bother, ok?
But still they don't listen. Also from my profile:

Current list of shit bands whom I've posted comments for (And are likely to delete my comments):

  • The Bitchwhores of Babylon (I've been deleted as a friend):
    You're terrible. 2/10. D- Try Harder. See me.
    I really don't know why all the really shit bands add me.

  • The Incendiary Bats (I've been deleted as a friend):
    You're... How do I put this... Rubbish? Crap? Useless? Deaf? All of the above?

  • Midnight Machine: (I've been deleted as a friend)
    Oh christ, my ears. What the hell sort of "music" do you call that? I'd prefer to listen to two cats having sex than that crap.

  • Da Flava Boyz (I've been deleted as a friend - but at least they left me a comment :D):
    What a load pf utter crap. Did you learn to play be playing Guitar Hero or something? My ears are actually bleeding. I'm going to go and jam them full of cotton wool now. At least then I won't be able to here this pish.

  • Ffruk.com:
    Ok, I'll expand on that a little: Gash.

  • The Revivals:
    Crap. Just crap. What is it with all the absolutely terrible bands on MySpace adding me? I would add some constructive criticism, but I think you're beyond hope. Sorry.

And yes, I know about the typos. Go eat your face.

This is my new hobby. Annoying bands. I figure that if they add me without reading my profile at all, they deserve what they get.
I'm going to go and make the "Bands, don't add me" bit huge, magenta, and flashing now.
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Recommended Comments

Considering how huge myspace is, I would spam the hell out of my band too (if I had one). The user can delete it. In the end, all I would want is my bands name out there.

For example. This band, Vayden, tossed me an invite and I went over to their page to check it out. They ended up having some damn good music.

I have no idea what type of music you like, but check these guys out if you haven't heard them: Vayden

See, look. It worked. I'm spreading the spa..*cough*..love... ;)

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I even spam the bands that I think are pretty good. If a band sends me a message asking me to check them out, then that's fair game; I'll see if they're any good, and I won't spam them. If, however they just add me, then they obviously haven't looked at my profile at all, and are just crawling around adding people to make themselfs look popular. That's when they get all spammed up.

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