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Freedom, who needs it?

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A few days ago, I asked what would happen if VOIP makers just added a plug-in model that would allow people to attach their own codec plugin, thus freeing the VOIP makers from the potential of the government forcing them to open up "back doors" to their systems.

Well, it appears that the answer is the FBI can force you to stop using the software.

I wonder. If I write someone a postcard and encrypt it using a Little Orphan Annie Decoder Badge, how long before the government considers that to be an illegal act?
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I'm confused about something. If the software company gives you the ability to write some plugin to do encryption, and you do, yet they still allow a backdoor to whatever agency to give them the ability to intercept the traffic (though they might not be able to make any sense of it), where exactly does this fall? It seems that the software company would be in complete compliance with the agency in letting them intercept traffic, but it would be on the shoulders of the end user who wrote the plugin.

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I presume the onus is then on you, i.e. you need to provide a backdoor to your own code or discontinue using it.

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Next week we're going to cover why paying $37 to get listed in "Who's Who in <insert your profession here>" just might be a scam.
I'm still waiting for this. I paid $42 to get listed in "Who's Who in the Professional Squatting Association" and haven't heard back from them. It's been 3 years!

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