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Veterans Affair Mishap

So... This is interesting news. It was just reported that 26.5 MILLION veterans just had their private information stolen from the Veterans Affairs office. To include, SSN, Names, Addresses, Medical Status information, etc.

Not only, did we lay our lives on the line for the country, but now we are face to face with the possiblity that our lives could go down the wrong road with identity theft. The government is pretty much saying, "Well, your information has been stolen, goodluck!". I've already used my free credit check from AnnualCreditReport.com, so now I'm screwed if I want to keep a semi-close eye on my credit.

Anyway, if your reading this and are a vet, keep an eye peeled for unusual activity.


Went home this weekend... My mom still has no internet. So, it was a fun filled weekend of Oblivion. =D I slaughtered through the Arena (ROCKED!), and started working through the main quest.

I read a good analogy dealing with immersion today.


I see it like a dream... a dream that has you convinced, and yet fantastic things are happening in it. (fantasy MMO). Now this being a fun dream you don't want to wake up, you enjoy it, you want to live in it... you are immersed.

Immersion breakers are when you can disect the dream and realise that something is not right about it... that spoils it for you or goes too far.

Of course in a fantasy MMO you have magic and "unrealistic" happenings, but this is what you enjoy about the dream, and they are actually an expected part of this dream. I guess the point I am making, is some things need to be real in a fantasy game. Real but fun also.

I think that nailed it right on the dot. Well said.

How do you feel about immersion? Care to comment? Does it matter to you?
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Well, the laptop has been recovered and (according to the FBI) nobody has accessed it... which probably means nothing. However, I'd ask questions about why these idiots have unencrypted information on personal laptops.

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