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Yay for Alpha

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Stephen R


I worked most of today on Raw. It's ALMOST done. I'd call it a playable alpha at the moment. There are only two main features left to implement - Raiding planets and saving / loading your planet. With any luck they should be finished by the end of tomorrow - then it'll be a beta. All the game rules have been coded aswell so after tomorrow all that should be left is tweaking and polishing before the large playtest on saturday.

I've been thinking about the sheep herding game, which I don't have a name for yet. I have never done any large-scale 3d programming before - so I'll need to do a fair amount of research before I can start programming. Specifically I have no idea about how to sort/store the vertex data efficiently. Throw on top the texturing and I'm totally lost. Raw won't be taking up as much of my time after tomorrow, hopefully, so I'll get a chance to read up on it. I'll probably start at the top of the Graphics Programming section here and read my way through it. I also have to read up on animating models, 3d collision detection... The list goes on.

I did make some decisions though. I will be needing a level editor, so that makes a few design choices easier. I will have to put the renderer in a seperate library. I haven't yet decided between SLL and DLL. SLLs have no real complications, except that you have to relink the program everytime you make a change. There are a few issues with DLLs that I will have to clear up before I consider them. Also I've decided to use wxWindows to make the GUI for the editor. I have used it before and it was really a very nice system.
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