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I have been busy of late with a few Assignments (which you should see above have diminished significantly). There are still some to go, but the majority of work is done for this semester. I am looking forward to getting back into Programming for next semester.

With all this work almost done, I am almost at the stage where I can put some more time back into Empyrean Gate. ArchWizard has added a couple of pages, but I have been living off 3 hours of sleep a night again.

The other thing that has been eating my time has been discussing the Columbine Game which is distastefully titled Super Columbing Massacre RPG. This game is significant, if not disturbing, but quite relevant today, given that nothing has really changed in society since that fateful day over 7 years ago.

Having suffered a lot of taunting at school myself and wishing to die and take others down with me I can sympathise a little for Dylan and Eric, but in the end despise what happened (and who really wouldn't?).

Anyway. Time for bed (I've had enough of Marketting #2 already [sad])
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