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Idea for SameTime Risk battles:

Instead of rolling D6s repeatedly until only one force remains - which can, for example, result in an army of 3 beating an army of 15 - just have each force roll a 'luck modifier' at the beginning of the battle (A D6 each; if one army is clearly a 'defender' while others are 'attackers,' have the defender roll a D6 while the attackers roll D4). The force with the lowest (armies + luck modifier) is knocked out, with their (armies + luck modifier) subtracted from the other forces army sizes.

This means that a force of 8 is always guaranteed to beat a force of 1, but if the troop numbers are any closer together then it's uncertain: a troop of 1 has a 1/36 chance of beating a troop of 6.
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That takes a lot of luck out of the game. A lot. It would prevent battles like that of Thermopylae, which kind of takes part of the fun out of it. And it gives the attacking force a huuuge advantage, because they can easily be sure to defeat the enemies.

I don't like it, though I shouldn't be so quick to cast judgements. It just... seems too definitive. If I'm going to lose my whole army in the defense of my capital, I damn well want to roll out to the last man >:(

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