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A couple of changes

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A light bulb popped up over the head today. A few days ago I wrote a little panel that allows you to keep track of what games you've played today. Then it occurred to me that I ought to just replace my animated buttons with it.

It takes up less space than the old one and it's not as distracting with the little swirling bits going everywhichways.

Also, I realize that many (okay, most) of you worship me and want to live vicariously through me, and technological limitations will not yet allow you to do this to your satisfaction.

Until such time as you get your biochip mod that allows you to actually experience the wonder that is Flyman, I offer you a method to better tune yourself in to my psyche. By using amazing mental abilities that allow me to control this blog using the powers of my very mind, I am now controlling the emotion indicator up in the corner of the screen. Now you can ensure that you are in the same emotional state as myself from day to day, thus giving yourself a bit of a "connection" to me that you wouldn't have otherwise.

So just roll your mouse over the little Flyman Emotion-o-Meter (patent pending) up there, and you'll see my emotional state at any given moment. You can then better model yourself after me by allowing me, in a fashion, to shape your own emotions.

In that way, I'm much like "The Mule" in Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.

Remember folks. . .

The More That You Be Like Me, The Happier That You Will Be!
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The most fanatic of us can tell how you're feeling based on your writing already; unless you update the meter more frequently than you update your journal, it will only serve as a validation of our analysis of your writing.

Oh, and if you are "sad", then wouldn't emulating you cause not happiness, but sadness? [sad]

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