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NanoStem Migration Update

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NanoStem Migration Update

As I said previously, I initiated a group decision to migrate all the old OpenGL code to DirectX.

Well, for the past 3 days I have been very busy rewriting pretty much everything and I'm still not there.
Basically, I had the implementation in my head but inorder to do it with DirectX I had to rewrite the main base of the engine. Once I had my fundementals in place (DirectX Graphics Manager, Vertex Buffer Manager, Texture Manager etc) I could start rewriting the next level of the engine.

Now, with all my projects I always like to have some form of interaction with the inside of the engine as the first step (I find its easier that way). So I always implement a console system- its invaluable in the early build/debug stages of the engine.
However, my old console class was a bit clumsy and bloated so I decided to write afresh, infact I decided to go a little deeper and make the console class out of objects of the UI I am going to work on soon. So I wrote some fundemental bare-bone UI classes, like CUIPanel and CUIImage, and used them to construct the console. Whereas before, I had constructed the console out of its own bits and bobs- this way I feel it is more integrated.

I have also looked at all the old classes and made them far more OO and writing them so they can easily be plugged into other classes without much hassle.

I have also started writing up official reference documentation, which makes me happy. Along with that, I spent 45 minutes doing a new logo- I'm really pleased with it since it is more clean and professional looking.

Anyway, heres the first blinking cursor of the Console:

I have actually really enjoyed the migration so far. It went off to a bumpy start but I have got a vision to follow now [smile]

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How are you doing the migration? Is there enough indirection in your engine to just swap out OpenGL components for DirectX ones? Or does it get icky much? I guess I never have really used API-specific features, but I can see it being a pretty tiresome process if you don't have a nice indirection layer between the application and the API.

I like the logo :D

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