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If you believe they put a man on the moon

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I'm sure you're all used to Foobar the Int's graphical explorations by now, but just in case you aren't, take a gander at these two gorgeous screenshots in slow-motion blur mode. Blur has never looked so good. Except for that time they were in the UK and... oh.

Anyway, when I get a good thing going I tend to whore it out until everyone is really sick of it. Here's a picture of a modified VDG pistol that shoots in 360? in rapid fire mode, shooting eight particles per trigger squeeze.

I'm sure you all love me now.
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Nice. The only thing I want/demand to see is somesort of 'glow' (har, pun!) on the lightning rather than one solid colour. The centre of each line should be white, but the edges should fade to a colour and eventually to pure alphaness.

Only then shall ye be crowned with Coolism (+5). Arr. :P

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