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Aches and Edibles

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I have a nice throbbing headache, only without the soothing haze of alcohol. I spent the past 8-9 hours doing a programming test for some crackpot consultantcy. They seem like crackpots, so even an offer I'll be wary of, but it's good to be tested on things. Who knows? Looks can be decieving. One C#, one C++, one C problem. The C++ took the longest by far, it was some file parsing which I overkilled with some boost::spirit (hence the headache).

On the upside, I got to try one of those KFC potato/corn/chicken/gravy/cheese mansalads tonight. Quite tastey. Hrm, and this drink concoction is suprisingly tastey too (bad apple juice and Captain Morgan's). Not a big fan of the Captain usually. Mmm soothing haze of alcohol...
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Mmm soothing haze of alcohol...

Though I can't drink Captain's anymore. Last time I had it I drank, well, far too much of it. That incident pretty much killed any taste I had for rum; I pretty much stick to vodka now. At least vodka tells you when you should stop.

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Eh, the only time I went past the time to stop was with vodka. How odd. Still don't have problems with it though :]

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