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Bloom effect (Part2)

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Alrighty, I'm just about done with this stupid bloom effect. I've still got some problems with it (blur is offset to bottom right due to the way D3D renders to targets) I have to fix that, and I might be overexposing the scenes. I think it looks awesome, but I've been working with this stuff for hours, so I'm probably too close to it, and need some other opinions.

Let me know if these screenshots look overexposed....I'm going to fade the level of brightness with time, so this is as BRIGHT as it will look, and they will fade as the scene comes into focus....but not too much :-)

Compare these screenshots to the ones in the last entry, and let me know which style you prefer...again, I like this new look much better. I think the effect was too subtle before, and the coloring was off.

I think the sidewalk textures are just too white, so they get washed out easily, bah.

Comparison...before bloom effect...and aaaaafter. Before, and after.
/me votes for after.

A sort of reddish tint on the scene makes it look a lot more realistic, IMO.


I started to change to a more yellowish tint instead.

I like this screenshot. I think it looks great considering I'm not using HDR, and this will run on anything supporting pixel shader 1.1

I like.


Ahhh...mein eyes!

Alright, the sidewalks miiiight be too washed out, but I still love the look.

Same as above.

While most people are up getting breakfast in the morning, these guys are causing trouble.

I like it. Let me know if you disagree. I could be crazy.

Comments are welcome...back to work :-)

- Dan
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I think now it's too much, ehhehe
The older blur (the more subtle one), i think it was better , but in this things, i think it's more of a personal taste than anything else ;)

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Yeaaa it is pretty intense lol. I'll probably tone it down and find a good blend between these images, and the ones in the last entry.

- Dan

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I agree, it's kinda over the top now. I definitely like the shader, just lessen the effect a bit and it will be great. Make sure you don't lose too much time with the graphics, the gameplay will count more later on!

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Definitely very cool. It is easy to appreciate how awesome shaders are when you put before and after screenshots side by side. Very cool.

Aside from toning it down, it looks pretty slick. I can't wait to get to this point in my own project!

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Great shots man, it's looking sharp...

I actually like the overexpose, although I can see the point for toning it down - if this is the brightest it will get (like when the scene first comes into focus), I personally think it would be fine. Day of Defeat: Source does the same thing to great success...overwhite then it tones it down.

Regardless, fantastic job! :)

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Definitely tone it down, but thats a given. Otherwise - looking good, better with bloom.

Regarding the colour shifts... try a blue shift (see the "HDRLighting" sample in the DXSDK). In fact, shifting subtly towards red/blue can make a BIG difference - usually described as being "warm" or "cold" [grin]

As for the offsetting of the bloom (down-right you say?), that can be fixed if you pay close attention to your coordinates and offsets [smile]

I'd also make sure you allow a way to turn bloom off... I've seen more than a few "normal" gamers complain about how things are getting more and more blurry and how they dont like it [lol]


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Just a bit too much [wink].... Tone it down a few notches and you'll be perfect.

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Your bloom looks good, but I agree with maybe toning it down to be half way between the amped up version and yesterdays :)

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