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OK, now this is just cool.

Here at the office they've got a little mini instant espresso machine thingy. You get a little pre-sealed, individually wrapped chunk of compressed coffee, stick it into a little slot, select your preferred strength, and poke a button - and in 30 seconds you have a nice little espresso. Preheats the water to all the magical temperatures, and all that stuff.

Apparently it can do proper cappucinos as well, but it's something of a black art to regulate all the temperature and stuff. Andreas, our 3D engine guy, is apparently the local master of the art, so I'll have to get some training before I leave.

And now back to work, with proper updates later.
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hmm, sounds a lot like what we have here, except I don't think it can make capuccinos, and the coffee, although tasty, it's not very strong... actually, it makes coffee, not espressos... I wish it made espresso.

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I had a Nespresso for a buncha years, but it just got expensive. The little coffee capsules cost about 50 cents each, but a double-pull from a standard espresso machine costs about ten cents.

So I sold off the Nespresso and got a standard machine. Not as convenient, but much cheaper.

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