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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I'm bringing this section back early. If I mention an 'it' or 'our project', I'm refering to Project2.

I got the map editor yesterday and learned how to use it which was really easy (you were expecting something else?) A few little quirks that need to be fixed, especially the rendering. At the moment it uses GDI which is fine for maps that are 12x12 or smaller, but you start getting bigger than that and the rendering is slow. So, I'm spending the next day or so learning MDX and then I'm going to attempt to convert it.

I added multi-select capabilities to the 'Load Material' dialog. Also added the ability to partially remove a material (you can remove it from the listbox, but tiles that have it set still have it set at the moment.)

Added some easier zooming (it has a box that you can enter a value into, which I kept, but I added a couple menu items that change the info as well as the key shortcuts Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus to zoom in/out.)

Also added the ability to clear a layer (had a fill layer button, but not an empty layer button.)

Changed it so that creating a node selects it and deleting a node deselects it.

The only real problem I'm having at the moment is with the fucking property grid. I want to let the user select a heightmap from an open file dialog, but I can't figure out how to add the elipsis button to the end the node for it (its a string.) I might be able to hack it with a string collection or something. Anybody have any ideas?

The whole thing was designed really nice to begin with so I'm having an easy time modifying it.

DragonForge Technology

As you can see the discussion thing didn't go too far. I got about halfway through the tile system one, but I just don't have the time. I have our project, my project, work, and helping my parents do things everyday.

But, I am making some progress on my new project. I'm going to post some screenshots after it gets a little more concrete, but I've got a state system integrated and working. Next up are the 2 or 3 widgets I'll be needing (button, tally counter, and single line text-box at the moment.)

Edit: forgot to mention that I made a few changes to dft. I removed my stupid screenshot formatting thing (way over the top) and replaced it with a much simpler system that doesn't require any extra external files. I also modified the logging associated with screenshots. Before it was logged as:

""Screenshot saved to \"%s\""

But, I went one step further and its really convenient in my opinion:

"Screenshot saved to \"< a href=%s >%s< /a >\""

Simple modification and I can access the screenshots via a link in the debug log.

I also fixed some major flaws and have noted a few others that I need to fix.

Edit 2: Also, what do you guys think of the new "Dragonfire Games" image at the top of the journal?

Edit 3: I just realized that the second code was messed up. I had the 'anchor tag in their, but I didn't have any spaces so it was showing up as a link.


Other news

Having your own personal goodies stash is awesome. I have cinnamon crumb cakes, Chips Ahoy! chewy chocolate chip cookies, honey buns, single-serve bannana nut loaves, and sour-cream & onion pringles.

Also, watching my taratula(Tyrosia) eat is awesome. I'll have to see if I can get some pictures or footage for you people. It'd have to be footage because she likes to prowl instead of just pouncing and eating.

Finally, the preview button is awesome.

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Recommended Comments

I like the new logo, but it seems a little small - hopefully you've got a bigger version laying around for like a title splash or something.

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Also, what do you guys think of the new "Dragonfire Games" image at the top of the journal?

It's looks good, but either increase the size of the text, or add a dragon of somesort on one of the corners. Or both! [grin]

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Thanks guys! I'll come up with something bigger some other time. I have a good idea for one.

I'm off to be sucked into Planescape: Torment since it just showed up =D.

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The day you put up pictures of 'cute little Tyrosia' up in your journal is the day I stop visiting.

*grabs a can of hot shot*

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