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What has Graham been up to lately?!

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Just thought I'd post about what I've been doing lately. I'm on my last few days with my current employer before I finally start working at BioWare! I've been waiting much too long to start there, as they wanted me May 1st but I asked for end of May so I could do some crazy knowledge transfer and wrap up activities at my current job. They were more than accommodating which made me feel a lot better about it all. May 31st is my last day at the current job and then I go on a four day fishing trip up North with my dad to serve as a nice break. Then I get back on the Sunday and start work at BioWare on the Monday (June 5th). I'm VERY excited and can't wait to start. I think I'm now on the Unreal Engine 3 tech stream there so I'll be doing some engine and tools modifications to UE3 and also creating and maintaining some new tools. I'm also working on a VERY cool game but I can't say what it is :)

Still working on getting a bunch of side projects and code files released on my Web site. It's a slow process since I have to find all the good pieces and clean them up, but in the end I think everyone will have enjoyed the wait.

Again, if anyone has a LinkedIn account (www.linkedin.com), my email is graham at wihlidal dot ca

Book has been doing very well, and I've been getting excellent reviews. Thanks so much to everyone that picked up a copy. I hope you all enjoyed my book as much as I did writing it!
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Where's my free copy, eh? EH?

(your MOM's been getting excellent reviews)

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Leave my MOM out of this!!!! :)

Your free copy is sitting at the book store!

Sheesh Richard......... =)

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Oh. So I just have to walk in, pick it up off the shelf, and walk out again?

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Original post by superpig
Oh. So I just have to walk in, pick it up off the shelf, and walk out again?

Something like that :)

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