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---PROJECT KINGSTONE------------------------------

I hereby declare that I, Victor Abraham Pellen, am choosing this project as
my first genuine project.

I agree to follow the design document to the letter. I will not go back on
decisions once finalized, unless it is deemed a brutal necessity. I will
not liquefy solid concepts. I will not radically change the base of the

I agree to follow this project as my primary and sole project until said
project is finished in full. I will not mull over ideas for other games. I
will not sketch images for other games. I will not create design concepts
for other games. I will avoid so much as thinking about other designs on my
roster when at all possible.

I agree to finish this project, and I agree to finish it in a timely
manner. I will not get distracted by outside things. I accept this
occupation as my job, and as an obligation, not a choice. I understand that
this project must be completed.

I agree to not release an unfinished product unless it is clearly and
accurately stated as such. At no point will I give in and take the easy way
out. I will release the finished product when it is ready to be released,
and not before. I will not take shortcuts, and I will not cut corners. The
product will be buffed, shined, polished, and only then may it be
considered complete.

I agree to make substantial progress. I will not forget the project, nor
will I stretch it over an unrealistic timeframe. I will attempt to make
progress wherever progress can be made, and I will not, under any
circumstances, bring production to a total halt. I will not disguise waste
as productivity.

I agree to be organized. I will arrange my tasks and resources as logically
as possible, and I will focus all my work around a single core. I will not
let the project exist as a chaos of unconnected pieces.

I understand that by agreeing to the statements above, I am risking not
only my self-respect and personal pride, but also my credibility in the
eyes of others. I understand that my failure to abide by the terms I have
set for myself will result in a negative view of myself, both in my own
eyes, and in the eyes of others.

Finally, I acknowledge this declaration to be significant, and I agree to
all of the terms within.



After a lot of contemplation, I've made a firm decision on what my first genuine project is to be. Up until now, everything I have produced has fallen into the vague and mysterious realms of "tech demo". The specific details are outlined, but I'm keeping to myself for now.

What I can say is that it's taken a lot to make me want to commit myself to this. I'm dubbing it "Project Kingstone" for now. I'll reveal the link between the project name and the project itself later on. I've deemed that this project is realistic, and within my personal abilities. It's an indie project, a solo project, and won't depend on a plane full of money exploding over my house.

In the past I've been more than a little slack about my commitments, but I've never attempted a public declaration of my intentions before. Still, to make things more interesting, I am giving you, the reader, permission to "encourage" me. What that means is, if at any point I go a week or more without a significant progress report on Kingstone, I welcome you to e-mail me, prod me with a stick, and nag me to update and work harder.

I promise to reveal significant details of this project on the first of June, if not before. Hold me to it.

Thank you, and good day.
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Recommended Comments

I demand a bigger progress update. On my desk. By yesterday. [grin]

Good luck at pragmatism!

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Ooo. Good job with the semi-formal declaration, hopefully it'll help you out.

I now reserve the right to be obnoxious if/when there isn't reasonable progress displayed. [lol]

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