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Not much to report

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I've been so tired the past few days... it's starting to affect me... I don't want to do much of anything, I spend half the day fighting to stay awake... it's not work either, work has been great, it's the amount of activities that I've had after work that's killing me. I've been attending childbirth classes with my wife, but since she's due real soon, we had to take several a week, when normally it would be one a week, and each of these classes lasts 3 hours. We're still unpacking stuff and cleaning up our new apartment, which sounds easy but it's surprisingly more work than you'd expect, add to this the fact that I now do a lot more excercise than I used to, I now walk a few blocks to the metro station, then walk through a mall to get to work.

I was pissed off yesterday, I had left work, I was feeling shitty, I got on the metro and I stood holding on to one of the center poles, reading Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (yea, I hadn't read it until now, I'm a bad geek), when an asshole that was sitting right next to me decides it would probably be funny to light a firecracker inside the metro, from the corner of my eye I saw the bright flash for a split second and then the sound hit my left ear, immediately I went quite deaf and could only hear that loud ringing in my ear. The doors opened right at that moment, so I walked out and got on an adjoining cart so that I could continue to enjoy my book.

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Personally, I would have simply introduced the miscreant to the wonderful works of Tolkein.

Directly. To the head. Several times.

There would probably be bleeding.

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hahaha! He wasn't alone, he was with two or three other friends, and they seemed to be older than me, and they were armed with small calibre explosives...

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