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Just baught Torque

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I have just this minute purchased an 'indie' license to the Torque Game Engine. I must say it defiantly looks interesting. Annoyingly though I must say, I'm at work and hence cannot play with it for another ~6/7 hours @_@

Hopefully, all will go well with it. I have ordered the book on 'The game programmer's guide to Torque' and that should come within the next 2/3 days.

Have any of you used Torque at all? How have you found it?
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I intend to try it, but don't want to spend the money as of yet because I have a solid base of my own tech that I'm producing good games with. While not graphically impressive, I don't want to rock the boat at this late stage.

Perhaps when I'm between projects and have more free time -- what are the constraints on their free trial? Can I at least hack something up in it?

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I don't think there is a free trial as you get the full C++ source code when you get the license. You can only download a demo of what the engine is capable of.

Of hearing my friends' testimonials, it does seem really interesting. Beware though, it is NOT x64 friendly! I am having to install a whole new x86 installation of Win32 just for Torque. While good in that all my hardware now works and I get to use Torque, it's taken up all of my day.

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It looks like you've had the engine for a couple of weeks, what are you impressions of it?

I'm seriously considering ordering the engine and the book, but I saw this on their site:

"If you've been waiting to buy TGE, you won't want to pass this opportunity up. TGE 1.4 is the last free upgrade in the Torque Game Engine line."

So.... are they saying there isn't going to be anymore development of the engine?

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