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Okay, I pulled the trigger

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Well, I'm still a couple of weeks from having all of the standalone games ready, but Shelly said that the six existing games are good enough to go live. Hence, I put 'em all up and released 'em into the wild.

I guess they're still officially in beta until the standalone ones are ready, but they're pretty polished. I also uploaded some updates to the existing games (voracity, confusebox, etc). I made the look a bit more consistent, and I added a shared volume control in case you're in a cubicle and can't deal with noisy games.

I also updated the front page of It's pretty busy with six giant animated Flash buttons, but I figure people won't spend all that much time on it.

By all means pleasepleaseplease give me any feedback. If you find any bugs in the new games, bug or small, please post 'em here. I want to have a nice gaming experience for people, and that can only happen if people let me know what they think.

Happy playing!
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RE: Poppies Suggestions

Wished for feature: a display of how many of each pie type remain on the board.

Time delay hints: As I neared the end of the game, there were fewer and fewer places to play, and sometimes I had difficulty finding them. Either a time delay hint (a la bejeweled) or a "hint" button would be helpful in situations such as these.

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How the hell does BaffleBees work? I can't seem to figure out any pattern to what squares fill in and what squares empty. (Yes, I read the rules.)

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RE: Poppies

Yeah, I was thinking of the same thing. The Bejeweled delay-method is cute and doesn't take up any screen real-estate, but I don't wanna have to wait ten seconds 3-4 separate times to finish a game. So I added a little light bulb button that highlights a match for you.

Couldn't think of a better icon for "hint". A question mark is too much like "help".

RE: BaffleBees rules

Yeah, it's a bit daunting, especially because you're being dropped into the middle of a pretty challenging level. The playdeez version starts out absurdly easy, so you're up on the rules by the time you get to the tough levels.

I'll think of a better rewrite for the rules.

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