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Damn, Planescape is LONG. I'd give it a 7/10 maybe. The gameplay is pretty good, graphics are decent, and it has an awesome story. Only a few things get on my nerves:

Right click menus should NEVER stay open. And closing it shouldn't unpause the game either.

The pausing in the game doesn't always work right. Kind of annoying when you pause it and the enemy still hits you.

Some of the spells pause the action until the spell is over. Bad idea in my opinion. But, it probably really simplified things since they didn't have to make the spell animation follow the person.

You can EASILY miss something because of the conversation system.

The two weapons that can change do not mention that they can only do so once.

There are only a few characters to get. And there isn't that much conversation with them.

A lot of the stat requirements are way too high in my opinion. The only way to get most of the good things is to play like a mage with 16+ wis, int, and chr, play like a weak fighter/rogue with 16+ wis, int, and chr. For example - Gettings Bones-Stories-Tell, redeeming Trias, most of the conversation with Ravel, and recognizing Vhailor are a few that require 16+ (and possibly 18+) stat(s). I missed out on a TON of stuff in the beginning of the game because I focused on my fighting stats (strength and dexterity) as well as charisma.

I really like how they did the immortal thing in this. It works really well and makes for an interesting story.

So, I've pretty much been playing it nonstop for the last 2 days. Although I still haven't finished it, I'm going to have to put it down and work on the projects, especially Project2 (since we only have about 5 days until the kick-off.) I need to ask Raymond what he wants me working on since the only things that need to be finished before the kick-off are pretty much on his plate (except for the story.)

I've got the scenario for my storyline written down and, IMO, it kicks ass. I'll be working on it while I'm at work and since I'll be sticking with it no matter how I do my project, I'll probably post something about it.

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

DragonForge Technology

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Planescape started out being a 16 hour game, but after a collective outcry of anger from the community, the developers went back and revised the game -- adding more new plots with equal or better quality to the original 16 hour quest that they had devised in the first place!

Sadly, the consequence of this massive content explosion was (I assume) an imbalance in stats, and so you see the stat requirements being raised to try and accomodate the expansion of gameplay time.

It is a fantastic game, and I love talking about it to people who have just discovered it. It's one of those games I jealously keep to myself for fear that the mainstream will catch onto it and ruin it for me.

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