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JetLag 2004?

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The version prior to JetLag 2003 was JetLag 1999. The differences between them, other than the time they were written, are as follows:

API: DirectX 5.0(JetLag1999) vs. SDL 1.2(JetLag2003)
Fullscreen Only (JetLag1999) vs. Windowed or Full Screen (JetLag 2003)
Different sets of "Lucky Charms", although most are present in both.

Since I'm sort of between projects at the moment, I'm thinking about doing a JetLag2004. This time, the API is Direct3D. Talk about overkill.
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If JetLag 2004 is anywhere near as addictive as JetLag 2003, it's gonna be good [grin]

Will you be doing all sorts of fancy models and particles in the new version?

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No fancy models. No particles. In fact, you wouldn't even know that you are playing a game that uses Direct3D.

So why bother? Tapping the power of Direct3D for something like JetLag seems like a complete waste of time.

And that's exactly the point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with JetLag2003. There was nothing wrong with JetLag1999. There was similarly nothing wrong with any of the other versions of JetLag created prior to that.

The one thing I want to fix is the scrolling issue. In all prior versions, JetLag has always scrolled up exactly one cell. In JL99 and JL03, this equals sixteen pixels. Plenty of folks have, over the years, mentioned that the game is rather hard on the eyes, primarily due to the scrolling, secondarily due to the blocky nature of the ASCII graphics.

Moving into Direct3D, I can much more easily take care of this issue. At this point, I do not want to get rid of the blocky ASCII graphics, because I feel that somehow the game would no longer be JetLag (although Hattan's Worm game is definitely JetLag, just with cuter graphics, so I know that sort of thing works, I'm just not ready yet).

On the list of "enhancements" I'd like to put in:

* Smoother scrolling
* A "shaking the screen" effect when using a bomb
* Little bits of text slowly rising from when you hit an item, like "1UP" when you get an extra life, or "+100" when you hit an item that gives you score, and so on
* better screen transitions
* revamping the power ups, AGAIN (JL03 has a few that are severely underutilized and/or unbalanced)

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Oooh, do a cool "wavy screen" effect when stuff happens.

You see, it's not just a matter of implementing the game using an API that's enormous overkill for the game itself. There's also the matter of using the API's advanced features in pointless ways.

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