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Level 5 boss...soon

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Ok, I've been pretty lazy about working on the game this week, but I plan to get back to it this weekend. As I mentioned before, I have a great new boss idea, so I need to start programming it.

Thanks again for the C# help. I ordered "Programming C# 4th edition", and it should be arriving shortly. I consider myself pretty well versed in C++ and Java now, so I would like to also become familiar with C#.
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Yeah, C# as a language is easy squeasy. You should concentrate a lot more on the actual .NET framework though, as this really makes or breaks the C#/VB .NET etc... programmer. I would suggest mastering 1.1 and peaking into 2.0, as most companies use 1.1 at the moment. But then, if you don't care about the career aspect of it, go 2.0 all the way! Its awesome [smile]

TIP: Use System.Text.StringBuilder instead of concatenating strings with '+'.


// Use this
System.Text.StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
string myString = builder.ToString();

// rather than
string myString = "Line1\n";
myString += "Line2\n";

This is purely because System.Text.StringBuilder is far faster than the native string concatenation.

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I think I have .NET 2.0 on my PC, but I'm not really sure[lol]. That was another reason I wanted to learn this language, in order to learn more about the .NET framework.

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C# will be a breeze.

As for development environments, definately go with VS2005. SharpDevelop is a good alternative.

APIs? There's Managed DirectX if you want to use Direct3D and the Tao Framework if you want to use OpenGL. If you still don't want to give up SDL, there's SDL.NET (but I'd recommend moving on). The good thing about the Tao Framework is that you can compile the code in Mono and have it run in Linux.

But of course, you still have to get your hands on that awesome book and take the language one step at a time [smile]. Good luck, man, and welcome to the .NET development community! [wink]

Original post by rpg_code_master
This is purely because System.Text.StringBuilder is far faster than the native string concatenation.
You should only notice the difference if you're doing a huge amount of string concatenation.

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I got Visual C# .NET 2005 express awhile back, and now I finally get to use it.

In game development terms, Managed DirectX is probably the biggest reason for me wanting to learn C#. I'll probably use it whenever I try to work on a 3D project. I don't even want to go near DirectX in C++.

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