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No pain, no gain...

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Hi All,

Well, I've been very busy lately with the C++ Workshop preparation and work so I've not had much time to post. If you don't follow the "For Beginners" forum then you might not know about the C++ Workshop yet. You can learn about it Here. If you read about it and decide you want to apply to be a Tutor, you can do so Here...but anyways, I digress.

I thought I'd go ahead and post a journal tonight since I had an interesting (read painful) evening. It all started when....

I returned home from dinner with my wife and my in-laws. Tomorrow's our Baby Shower so our friends and family are all in from various places to visit us. At any rate, we arrived home and got out of the car and my father in-law saw my Bowflex in the garage. He had been considering purchasing one so he asked me to show him how to use it....so I gracefully moved my bowflex in and out of positions, demonstrating exercise upon exercise until I was convinced he had seen my mastery of my physical self. At which point he asked "Does it collapse into something very small?"
"Why yes it does," I answered...and began to demonstrate. I had gotten it collapsed and he was amazed at the small space it took up in the garage. He then proceeded to convince my mother-in-law that they needed a bowflex of their very own....until I went to unfold it. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to fully secure the bench. So as I unfolded the base the bench came flying down towards my head....Someone do the physics for me.

A 25 lbs. bar and seat, traveling over an arc of about 4 ft, at an acceleration of 9.80665 m/s^2. Anyone know what the force is on that? No? Well, I can show you what it looks like afterwards.

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That's a nice one. Too bad you're married already; chicks dig scars.

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Ouch. From experience, trips to the emergency room aren't fun.

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Oh man, that's an ouch alright! :-O

But it's still gooey and everything, too. Ech. Go back to the 3D engine screenshots. [sad]

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Aghhh!!! Ouch! Damn, that sucks.......

Here's a little something to calm our nerves:

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I hope your wound heals fast.
Be careful please.
We, the members of Elite C++ Noob Club (ECNC), need you ;)

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Ouch... at least you can tell everyone you're Frankensteins brother ;)

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Indeed. At my baby shower everyone was calling me "Frankenstaples."

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