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Design Tip #476: Make sure every team member is designing the same game

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Design Tip #476: Make sure every team member is designing the same game

In answer to the query I received from Mushu on my last entry:

Its not that bad migrating code since there is only about a months worth of development in the engine. It may seem quite a bit but most of it is tweaks an things. Having said that, there has been alot of converting.
How I started out the migration initially, or rather what I had in mind, was just to change all the OpenGL specific code to DirectX. In reality many factors arose, like a slightly different process to actually rendering items and the whole 'wow, the engine so far could be a hell of alot better in structure' thing.
So the migration was, like I said, initially rewrite the classes to directX which meant basically rewriting the base classes of the graphics engine, which did get a bit 'icky' since the base required enough of a change in structure to be a pain in the arse. From there, most of my previous code could be plugged in- in theory- however, I took this as an opportunity to clean up the more 'complex' (read- sloppy [smile]) code I had written before. So yea, in short, the first stages were icky but from there I could just plug in all my old code with a change here and there.

As far as our game design has progressed (Yea, I havn't touched on that before since it has been a real mess) We have finally got a back story in place and the sides you play integrated into the story.

Its been quite fun, but a bit tenuous at times, designing this game. I'm doing it with 3 of my college mates and my gf.
It started with an idea of having an epic RTS in the same manner as the legendary TA but since then it has... evolved.

We have finally sorted out our main objectives. They are quite high but plausible:

  • 8 multiplayer gaming at maximum

  • No single player

  • Full mode: long play times (4+ hours)

  • Lite mode: short play times (2 hours maximum)

  • Ability to save sessions to resume play later

  • 2 tactical play areas- Surface and inter-planetary

  • 3 different sides to pick: The Humanitarians, The Corperations and The Cult

  • Gorgeous shader effects!!!111!1!

Well, thats our engine/game objectives. The network code will be hell [wink]
The full mode is basically for the people among us who enjoy long thought out tactical play but always found skirmishes to finish too quickly. The lite mode is for the quick destruction of thine enemy.

Thats all i'm going to say as far as design is concerned. We have got alot further with the design, like the nitty gritty balanced play, we have designed the factions you play and we have a vivid vision to follow. But if I go into all that, its going to bog down this post more than it already has been [grin]

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Wait, no singleplayer? Won't it be extra code to restrict it to multiple people? I personally do not play multiplayer games (I'd still check it out since it was made by someone on gamedev) because I have nobody competant to play and I don't like playing with strangers (because I am unsure if they're competant. No point in wasting my time playing if they're going to be slow or do something really stupid.)

Other than that it sounds really good. Good luck!

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