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Oh crap.

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The '' key on my keyoard (the one inetween the 'v' and 'n' keys) has just roken, no matter how hard I hammer down on it. This makes it rather tricky to type 'pulic' when adding a new method.

I'm wondering whether I should just live with this and use copy-paste, or whether it's worth taking the whole keyoard apart to try and fi it. As I type this the two keys left of 'c' have just stopped working.

This is not going to e a productive weekend...
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[lol] Buy a new keyboard!

Or get used to using the character codes - as long as your number pad and the 'ALT' key dont break you can type whatever symbols/letters you want!

ALT+66 = B
ALT+98 = b


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Fortunately the local computer shop is also an internet café - which means it's still open at silly times like now. [grin]

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