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Bottled Up

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I've lost approx 7.5lbs (almost 3kg, I think) for eating better, cutting down on drink and exercising more. It's taken me about 3 weeks to lose that, which is pretty good.

Other than that, I've bottled my beer. 32 bottles of pale summery ale which will take approx 1-2 months to condition. I may give a few away to a good home, so if you wanna try one - get in touch.
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I like the contradiction in cutting down on drinking and starting your own home-brewery [lol]


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Original post by ApochPiQ
Don't suppose there's much chance of getting a pint over to Atlanta? [wink]

There's a chance - I'll have to look into customs and/or shipping :D

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You, sir, are teh aewsome.

Alternatively, if you're up for a drive, I'll be in Germany for another week... [grin]

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