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Evil Steve


I did a tiny bit of work to TEH MORPG!!1 today, and removed some redundant code from the login server. In theory, the login server is now "done" for the change to distributed game servers, and I just need to update the game server.
I noticed that my MySQL version was being reported as "4.0.20-debug", which obviously isn't a good thing. So after checking that PHP and phpbb both work with MySQL 5, I decided it was time to upgrade. I got the x64 version of MySQL, which caused some problems. When I set up the configuration options using their wizard, I got an error saying that it couldn't write the configuration. I tried re-running the wizard, and this time it said it couldn't find libmysql.dll. After snooping around the MySQL forums, I found that I need to get the x86 version of libmysql.dll, and temporarily replace the x64 versaion of libmysql.dll. I presume the configuration wizard is only 32-bit, and it won't load the 64-bit DLL.

Then I found that MySQL refused to read in my exported .sql file; I kept getting "ERROR 1406 (22001) at line 13069: Data too long for column 'post_text' at row 1", even post_text is a TEXT field. After playing around with the .sql file for a bit, I realised that it was because people had been using the GBP symbol in their posts, and I'd set MySQL up to use UTF-8, in case I want to support korean or whatever as usernames in TEH MORPG!!1. Opening the SQL file in MSVC and re-saving it as a UTF-8 file fixed that problem. I suppose using notepad would be just as good, but it takes ages to open a 30MB file [smile]

Then I found that TEH MORPG!!1 login server was saying it was an unknown version (the version reported by MySQL was a null pointer). Of course I forgot to update libmysql.lib. So, I fixed that (After accidently using the 64-bit version and causing MSVC to spaz out a bit).

So, I'm now happily running MySQL 5.0.21 with PHP and phpbb. I might do some performance tweaking to the login server at a later date, and use processed queries and jazzy stuff like that. Then again, I might not bother.

In work-related news, DC Studios is moving back to Glasgow for 3 months. The lease on our office runs out at the end of the month, and the people we lease it from gave us 30 days notice (We pay monthly). Since we don't really have time to find a new office, and the boss people don't want to rush into a new office and have to change again in a couple of months (Which is fair enough), we're moving back to Glasgow to regroup.
We've yet to find out if we're going to get travel expenses paid for us, which is a bit of a bugger. If we can't get travel expenses paid, then we'll probably be travelling off-peak (I don't know if that means we'll be expected to work later). It costs about a third of my salary to travel to Glasgow 5-days a week on-peak.
If we are travelling on-peak, I'll have to get the train at 8:15 or so, which means getting up at 7:15. And I won't get home till 19:30. So I'll be working (or travelling) for 12 hours a day. Hooray. I'll bring my laptop with me and do some coding on the bus/train I think. Of course I probably won't be bothered most of the time...

On the plus side, we got a half day on Friday, since all the stuff was getting sent through to Glasgow, and we got to rummage through the stuff that was getting thrown out. Stuff I came home with includes:
  • A rounded IDE cable (Which I've been thinking about buying for a while; the airflow in my PC is terrible

  • A desk lamp

  • A few USB and firewire cables

  • 3 mice

  • A composite video switcher for up to 4 devices

  • An unopened 60GB laptop hard drive

Other people managed to walk away with a Playstation, an X-Box with "Fucked" written across it in black marker pen, a Blackberry and a digital camera. It was a fun day for all.

Well, it's 19:45, and I'm going out to get drunk. I have Monday off (Bank holiday), yay!
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I had that same problem with the x64 MySQL installer. I didn't really want to mess with the workaround, so I gave up and just used the 32-bit version, since it isn't really going to be running anything heavy.

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A composite video switcher for up to 4 devices

Crap, I need to find one of those...

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