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Mmmm.... beer.

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Well, I'll say one thing... us Germans sure do know how to make a beer.

Tonight's brew of choice was a nice Erdinger hefeweisse. Light, smooth, and very gentle. It's a good beer, although slightly too light for my personal taste. One thing I've noticed is that the imported shit we get in the U.S. is generally very little like the actual local brew, which is invariably much better fare. Such is life as an American: doomed to drink the leftovers of the rest of the world, who all actually have good taste.

Anyone know of any other good brews I should try and snag while I'm here?
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I'm infinitely displeased with the rarity of Guinness in this country. You can find Heineken no problem, but just try to find Guinness at a restaurant.

Anger is mine.

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I just wanted to say that you have some seriously cool programming language fu in your journal. I hate Java for exactly the same reason (and also the overengineering evident in the Java API) and I respect Lisp although I despise its syntax. I'm more or less a fan of Python myself.

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