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Buckets of guts

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Okay, new things today, but they're all on the graphics-whore front. First, I got new lightning in as HopeDagger wanted nicer looking lightning and stuff like that. The screenshot has the shader turned off so I could make sure it looked the same in both modes -- which it does.

Second, gore. This is the big benefit of the red/white/black shader -- the red. Gore splashes all over the place. It's totally awesome. And the "German mode" works to turn it off, in case your toddler is going to be traumatized by gore splashes instead of stacks of zombies.

I also fixed a depth-sorting bug with the alpha'd textures, so it should be a bit nicer now.

In any event, it's coming along even better now -- I'm probably going to modify the editor to add entities and other stuff.
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