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So, as many of you may (or may not) have missed: 4E5 is almost upon GameDev.Net. I am seriously considering working up something, as I've now reached summer break. We'll see. There was an in-depth discussion on the GD IRC channel about what an alternative to the 4 elements could be...here's a snippet. Edited to just show the 'ideas'.

[22:36] <@_dot_> Washu, Superpig, tentacles and loli
[22:37] goatse, tubgirl, lemonparty, and farmer
[22:39] <@Washu> Former Glory, Faces of Death, Wish, and This is Your Life could be the 4 elements
[22:40] <@Washu> Pompeii, Deceptive Passions, Battle Athletes, and Sombody Hates Me
[22:41] i suggest Rome, Rome, Destruction, and Washu.
[22:41] Bob Saget, Michael Jackson, Macauley Culkin, Mary Kate Olsen
[22:43] <@Washu> Mad World, Beer, Camelot, Tainted Donuts!
[22:43] Beer, Vodka, Rum, Everclear
[22:43] Promit: that would be Four Alcohols, not Four Elements.
[22:44] Grog, Saki, Gasoline, Blood
[22:44] how about: Methane, Propane, Butane, Octane
[22:44] how about Boring, Tiring, Promit, Chemistry
[22:45] <@Washu> How about... Burning, Raping, Murdering, Mr. Rogers

Of course nothing comes close to the real four elements. Mr. Rogers is pretty close, but I think pirates > Mr. Rogers. It's a toss up.

In game related news, I have an interview lined up with Acumen, the Programming Manager over at Wildfire Games, to see if I can do gameplay programming. I'm incredibly psyched about it, it will be a great oppertunity not only to be in a great team (I've watched Wildfire for a while, they seem to have it on their shoulders), but learn quite a bit. We will see.

glpng finally buggered out on me today. I get a 'access violation' runtime bug that I cant seem to shake. It says that the line endings for the libpng.c file are not correct or some jazz - it just kinda decided to stop working (as far as I could see, and as far-fetched as that sounds). I'm looking into other alternatives for loading image data into OpenGL (i'd like to stay with .PNGs if i could, but .tif and .bmp are not completely off the wall).

Anyway, cheers.
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