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Progress Report

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I managed to change the motor oil in my lawnmower without major incident. Some I know will scoff at this as an achievement, but I'm not exactly a car guy. Or a hands on builder guy, or pretty much any practical crafting skill of any sort...

Anyways, I managed to get some work done yesterday on the Fog of War code. It now keeps running counts of viewers and fog levels. It should be much easier now to determine if something is visible after movement or changes.

I also formed the skeleton of the mammoth Project code. Projects in Moe are anything units can work on. Building, research, social changes are all projects. In the actual code, this will break down into AreaOfStudy (a 'knowledge' object which holds events for what to do when certain research is made), Project (an actual game object, holding piles of work and resources), and ProjectDefinition (a definition holding the conditions for which the Project is "finished", and what happens when it is).

Looking at even the skeleton code, I am suprised how much I underestimated it. It's far bigger than the unit or tile code already with half of the skeletoning left. Both the tile/unit code will expand as the game is fleshed out, but not that much.

Goal for the (long) weekend is to get Fog of War working well enough that the initial spawned unit "discovers" the land around it, and it can then start a test project and work on it to (client visible) completion. Might be a little ambitious to think I can get project UI stuff workable... at least doing explicit test entry "work" orders.
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